Tired of your faded color? Can’t wait until you dye your hair again? You can now have the feeling like a fresh home from the salon color euphoria more often than ever before! You don’t have to go through experiencing muddy browns, brassy blonds or faded reds before getting that vibrant color again.


SYOSS COLOR REFRESHER instantly refreshes color luminosity & intensity and restores color gloss for a salon-fresh look in between permanent colorations. Every application prevents color fading up to 3 washes, and gradually blends greys.

You can not only intensify your color, but also do a light toning or color twist adding nuance. Color Refresher is suitable for colored and natural hair and is compatible with permanent and semi-permanent coloration including salon products.


The gentle COLOR REFRESHER formula is ammonia- and peroxide- free, and is suitable for weekly or even daily application. Each application makes hair softer and cared for. Use the refresher regularly for hair that will look healthier than before and for a continuous grey blend effect (not applicable to the blond tone refresher). The mousse formula makes it easy to apply in shower without any gloves or mixing in just 3 minutes.

Use the table below to choose the right COLOR REFRESHER for you.



2 SHAKE WELL the can, spray into the hand.

3 SPREAD EVENLY from roots to tips. WASH THE HANDS.

4 LEAVE in for 3 MIN.

5 RINSE till water runs clear.

Watch out for:

Take care that you don’t apply the product on the face. Rinse and wash the hands with soap after application.

The caring mousse formula conditions the hair, hence no further shampooing or conditioning is necessary.

If you don’t use the COLOR REFRESHER in shower, please cover your clothing with an old towel or protective gown before application. Apply to towel-dried wet hair. Follow the same application steps 2-5 from section Easy Application.

If your hair color is very faded and dull, leave the COLOR REFRESHER to develop for a longer time to achieve a deeper and more intense color refreshment.



Toning and Color Twist

If you wish to give a twist to your current hair color by adding new tones- apply the COLOR REFRESHER for a longer time. In this case do not apply the product in shower.

1. Please cover your clothing with an old towel or protective gown before application.

2. Dampen your hair without washing it.

3. Apply as shown in steps 2-3 of section Easy Application.

4. To achieve highlights separate the hair strand you wish to color form the rest of the hair and apply the Color Refresher.

5. Leave in for up to 10 min. *

6. Rinse and wash the hands right after application. Be careful not to apply on skin or face to avoid skin staining – we recommend to apply it in front of a mirror. In case of skin staining, remove with water and soap, or skin tonic.

7. Rinse hair thoroughly till water runs clear and no foam is left in the hair.

* If you have bleached hair, don’t leave the Blond Refresher on hair for more than 5 min to avoid blue pigmentation


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